The Mayflower Restaurant, The Kingsway, Swansea.

Here are some marvellous photos from the late 1950s of the exterior and interior of The Mayflower restaurant that was situated on the then brand new glamorous Kingsway, Swansea.

Wouldn’t it be smashing if we had our lunch there today?

The building now houses the Co-operative bank and is still one of the better maintained post-war buildings on this now unloved and misunderstood stretch of tarmacadam.

Images Swansea Museum, City and County of Swansea.


3 thoughts on “The Mayflower Restaurant, The Kingsway, Swansea.

  1. My mother Albina worked at the mayflower many years ago. The pastries were fantastic especially the fresh cream horns. She was also the nanny to Carla Rabbiotti the daughter of Clara and Albino. My father Frank was a chef across the road in the burlington, he escaped from czechoslovakia and met my mother who also came over from Italy for a better life. When they got married the Rabbiotti’s paid for my parents wedding, fantastic people. You don’t find employers like that often.


    • Hi Stefano, thank you for the comment and for sharing such a warm Swansea story. You don’t find employers like that at all! Very happy to hear your parents found happiness in Swansea.


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