C30, C60, C90 Go!

I’m delighted that I was able to create artwork for some exciting new cassette releases this Autumn.

First up Ian Wade’s Blood Everywhere album is called Perseverance and is released in October as a limited cassette with The Dark Outside
Hear some tasty tasters here https://soundcloud.com/bloodeverywheregroop

Ian is also a music journalist and makes the best compilations!

Secondly we have the most indie pop of super groups ever in Swansea Sound.
Amelia Fletcher & Rob Pursey (Tallulah Gosh, Marine Research, Heavenly, Tender Trap, Catenary Wires) and Hue Williams of The Pooh Sticks have come together and are releasing new music with Swansea label
Lavender Sweep Records who specialise in niche formats.
You will be able to own Swansea Sound’s first single called ‘Angry Girl’ ON TAPE! on 17th October 2020.
Swansea Sound will not be available on Spotify and the like.


Collage work

I’ve been making collage work this year and my friend Jude Rogers asked me to make some work to help promote her Bright Field events that she’s seasonally curating at The Globe in Hay on Wye. They are being used on the social media for Bright Field and the Summer/Autumn event in September saw the collages projected on the interior of The Globe while the artists were performing. It was lovely,

Here are a couple from the end of Summer 2019