Modernist Swansea / Abertawe Fodernaidd

I’m absolutely thrilled to say I have a book published by The Modernist Society coming out on St David’s Day March 1st 2023.

Documenting the post war architecture of Swansea has been a passion of mine for a over 20 years, whether that be through my art practice of collage, painting, photography or ‘Guerilla Restoration’.

To have it documented and published by the marvelous Modernist Society is a dream come true as they are top of their game when it comes to their publishing, and through purchasing The Modernist magazine for over 10 years and following them and their projects and joining them as a Chapter through my Swansea Modernist Instagram page, I jumped at the chance to be able to put a small publication together for them about Swansea. I thank Eddy and Jack at The Modernist Society for supporting and making it happen.
My friend Lisa who is Lisa_in_Leeds & LeedsModernist on Instagram designed the book for me, and I couldn’t have done it without her help and support.

In an era when redevelopment is rife in any town and city, our recent built heritage whether, that be 1950s municipal or Brutalist civic centres are at risk of demolition to make way for more progress. Swansea is experiencing this now and I hope I have captured some of the detail and buildings at risk and those that we have recently lost.

Pre-orders are live now >>

There is also a launch on Thursday 2nd March at GS Artists High Street, Swansea from 6pm. I look forward to seeing you all then.


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