Tuesday workshop with artist Anna Barratt

We had a great morning at the gallery first thing. Artist Anna Barratt is working with the Glynn Vivian on summer workshops with young people between the ages of 14 and 20.
There is something for all young creatives through the summer and beyone via the Black Kettle Collective events hosted by The Glynn Vivian: http://www.glynnvivian.com/

Photos were taken of the city centre prior to the workshop and then printed to create photo montage work in response to ‘of time and the city’.

Lawrence seen here is keen on architecture and planning in general and we had great discussions on the city centre and what young people would like to see structure and public space wise in Swansea.

P1060417 P1060425 P1060424 P1060419 P1060426

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