Reverse Vandalism

Yesterday I tackled my favourite concrete sculptural mural with a bit of Guerilla Restoration. The sun was shining and my cleaning products did me proud as did some passers by. Here are a few stills from the short film that will be on soon

11901684_10153008171090759_175343563_o 11908116_10153008173240759_1224536503_n 11908308_10153008173375759_1298691153_n 11927305_10153008168330759_1641477702_n 11940325_10153008173405759_1779831503_n 11944937_10153008182855759_339944504_n 11949605_10153008169575759_1607454356_n 11949776_10153008173410759_1172528696_n 11951061_10153008172245759_1775935247_n 11973451_10153008171210759_1044264516_o 11973704_10153008175220759_313185580_o

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