A letter to The Evening Post

Even though Of Time And The City has now ended the legacy continues with this very thoughtful and generous letter from gallery visitor Paulette Pelosi to the Evening Post (see scan below).

I had a lovely chat with Paulette Pelosi and funnily enough I have come across her before. When I worked at West Glamorgan Archives I came across a large collection of photographs that Paulette Pelosi deposited. They were photographs taken by her of Swansea in the early 1990s, a time when I was a teenager and even though it was only 22 or so years ago, that Swansea has now changed so much, so many buildings have disappeared. We talked about this as I recognised her from the photographs as she was in one or two of them.

I could easily date these photographs by the music adverts that were pasted on derelict buildings around town in the photos, adverts for albums that I bought at the time. My eagle eye needing to date things immediately!


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