LLAWN03 – Llandudno Arts Weekend 2015

The last few months I have also been working towards a new Guerilla Restoration project for LLAWN03  the annual colourful Llandudno Arts Weekend directed by the formidable Marc Rees.



My film was shown in a Victorian bathing machine on the sea front and acted as a mini cinema. The passing public and festival goers could then step inside and sit down and watch the film of me cleaning obscure design features from buildings in the town.
The film was specially commissioned for LLAWN03 and  produced and designed by Karl Morgan.

Here is the film >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WivuxNqvIY4
Llawn telephone exchange llAWN DOOR HANDLE P1060761 P1060826 P1060762 P1060793 P1060840 P1060760 P1060764 P1060749P1060824

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