Of Time And The City events at Galerie Simpson

As part of Of Time And The City it was great to be able to use the gallery space for events.

We had a great turn out for an evening dedicated to the Free Cinema movement. Something I’d like to do again in the future at Galerie Simpson.


Here are a couple of snaps from the night dedicated to playing 45s and real ale. It went down a treat! A really great bunch of people bringing records and the gallery became a mini dance floor at the end. Such a versatile space!

P1060608 P1060609 P1060610 P1060614 P1060615

A letter to The Evening Post

Even though Of Time And The City has now ended the legacy continues with this very thoughtful and generous letter from gallery visitor Paulette Pelosi to the Evening Post (see scan below).

I had a lovely chat with Paulette Pelosi and funnily enough I have come across her before. When I worked at West Glamorgan Archives I came across a large collection of photographs that Paulette Pelosi deposited. They were photographs taken by her of Swansea in the early 1990s, a time when I was a teenager and even though it was only 22 or so years ago, that Swansea has now changed so much, so many buildings have disappeared. We talked about this as I recognised her from the photographs as she was in one or two of them.

I could easily date these photographs by the music adverts that were pasted on derelict buildings around town in the photos, adverts for albums that I bought at the time. My eagle eye needing to date things immediately!


New visitors and friends

We’ve been inundated with visitors to the exhibition over the last few weeks. Everyone had an unique story or anecdote in response to the themes, subjects and the objects from Swansea Museum’s collection. Job done.

Here’s and edit of the many visitors we’ve had at Galerie Simpson over the duration of Of Time And The City. All lovely interesting people.

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Seasonal summery adverts from Jubilee June 1977

I came across these adverts in my day to day work as an archivist.

They come direct from a Silver Jubilee souvenir edition of The Evening Post from June 23rd 1977.

I think they speak for themselves.
John Ham’s music shop, John was the brother of the gifted Pete Ham of Badfinger. George Harrison’s Gibson SG was located in the window of the shop as he gifted it to Pete, the rest is tragic pop history as we know….

Wonderful to see David Evans adverts. Again the panels from the facade of the David Evans building are now located in the garden of Swansea Museum.I wonder what happened to the department store archive? I’m off to find out.

camp David Evans David Evans1 girl ham leonards leonards slix

Tuesday workshop with artist Anna Barratt

We had a great morning at the gallery first thing. Artist Anna Barratt is working with the Glynn Vivian on summer workshops with young people between the ages of 14 and 20.
There is something for all young creatives through the summer and beyone via the Black Kettle Collective events hosted by The Glynn Vivian: http://www.glynnvivian.com/

Photos were taken of the city centre prior to the workshop and then printed to create photo montage work in response to ‘of time and the city’.

Lawrence seen here is keen on architecture and planning in general and we had great discussions on the city centre and what young people would like to see structure and public space wise in Swansea.

P1060417 P1060425 P1060424 P1060419 P1060426

Visitors and friends

We’ve had many wonderful visitors to Galerie Simpson since ‘of time and the city’ opened a few weeks ago.
Visitors from far and wide, inquisitive locals, artists and tourists. What they all have in common is their reaction to the exhibition and work on show. They all have happy memories and their own interpretation of the era that the exhibition evokes. Job done.

P1060384 P1060380 P1060281 P1060292 P1060290 P1060283

1950s and 1960s Swansea on the telly

screen screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4 screen5

Here we have a few pictures of the colour archive film of 1950s and 1960s Swansea. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had exclusive access to hours of footage from the film archive at West Glamorgan Archive Service. I feel very privileged to have these films as part of ‘of time and the city’.
The films are shown within Swansea Museum’s 1960s television case, which is part of their collection and what a smart object it is too. The films and the case are a perfect match.

Visitors are coming in and spending time, having a cup of tea while watching these films and each person young or old have their own appreciation of the moving images on show.


Some of the footage shows the 1966 centenary celebrations organised by the famous department store Lewis Lewis that was situated opposite Galerie Simpson on the High Street. It was a much loved store and my grandmother Gwennie Morgan also worked there in the drapery department in the 1960s.

Adverts for brand new Swansea shops from 1953

In my professional working capacity I work in the Archives sector.
I’m currently working an a private archive in Gower. I was cataloguing a magazine called The South Wales Observer from 1953 and as I flicked through the pages I found these marvellous shop adverts for the then newly built part of Swansea that was heavily bombed in ‘The 3 Nights’ Blitz’. Most of these businesses existed prior to WW2 and you can see how proud they are rising from the ashes by advertising in this quite prestigious magazine. They were too good to not share as it doesn’t get more relevant than this to my exhibition.
The only advert not from 1953 is The Thomas Thomas advert, which is from a marketing brochure for Swansea from 1971.